In The Pursuit of Happiness…Something we all want and need

Happiness and how you really find it is something that has intrigued me for a long time. For many,many years to be happy was the only thing I wanted out of life….but do we really know what will make us happy? I thought I did but thinking back now…I don’t think I had a clue at all.

I did many things in this “pursuit of happiness” …..joining Amway was the first! where I made many friends but did not change much on the “home front” where I was still struggling finding happiness because it was here where we were struggling both financially and emotionally as a family and this was my main focus as far as being happy was concerned.

Eventually the fragile shell of my marriage cracked and then crumbled, ending up being cast aside forcing me to look at why this result was not completely my fault because we were looking at dreams and desires,needs and wants far differently and were not focused the same way to go for what I had pictured as the outcome.

I picked up the pieces of my life and moved on …..much the same as falling from a horse when the best you can do is get up, dust yourself off and get back on before the fear in both you and the horse takes hold. So moving on is just what I did. After the death of my mother I travelled the world for three months with my sister and saw other sides of the spectrum within other cultures and observed many different views on happiness by visiting families,villages and meeting many people from all walks of life.

After I re married and made a sea change to the country I thought I had found my Nirvana but years of no employment,drought, floods,bush fires and most recently a tornado and more floods have taken their toll. I continued networking and marketing with some success but still was not happy mainly to not having enough money to cope with and repair the damage that Mother Nature was hurling at me year in and year out.

These events have made me re evaluate my definition of happiness and what is required to be truly happy.

Is it money that is needed?…..for me right now that answer is yes!
Do I have to be rich?………that has a double answer for me…..firstly no but secondly yes because I don’t need to be rich to pay my bills but having more than average income and money in the bank would get me debt free and allow me to rebuild my tornado damaged home.
I would be able to develop my small farm into a self sustaining property by growing my own food by being able to purchase the necessary equipment to do so.
I would be able to visit my children and grandchildren more and help them financially.
I would be able to help others in a more productive way because right now that is impossible to give financially and you can’t when you are poor yourself other than in emotional,caring support role. This helping others is one of my main goals because of people who have helped me in the past and still do.

I don’t think that the money angle is the only criteria needed to be happy because it isn’t… have to love what you do!!!… need a WHY you do what you do and most importantly you have to have a NEED that is stronger than your WANTS!!

It is more than wanting material things that brings happiness to you ….it is getting your immediate needs taken care of so that you don’t have to worry about debt collectors knocking on your door or losing your home. It is also about caring for others and helping them meet their needs by mentoring.

In my next blog I will share more of my four week stay in Thailand where I experienced happiness in action in its truest and most basic form but also the most simplistic I have ever seen and been a part of.
“Happiness is something not ready made
~Dalia Lama~
It opened my eyes to a world I never knew existed.