My Mindfulness Journey – The Beginning

It has taken me a while to get going on this new blog. The past year has gone so fast and I have learned so much.
My life before was stressful with me going into the dark side of depression far too often , life was tough and I had not dealt with the gremlins of the past how I should have.
For the past 12 months I have been learning Mindfulness and living my life in a mindful way. During this time I have been able to help family and friends as well as myself.
I also discovered for many years I had been walking a Mindful Path and did not know it. Now I have more tools to use and share with others to cope with any obstacle that is thrown in their path.
I have learnt to deal with my past that was not all that pleasant …Domestic Violence never is. I have been taught to look for lessons in that time that I can use in the future to make me a stronger person, which it has.
I am grateful for the good and the bad as we all should be. Some would not agree with that but everything happens for a reason. That was something that I did not understand but now I see that things like this can make you stronger,help you to understand others and help you grow.
At 74 years of age… I have quite a lot of life experience and I like sharing my experiences to help others it is just my nature along with my upbringing that make me like that.
The roller coaster of life can throw many curved balls in our path so it is good to be prepared for anything that comes your way.
Right now I am living on a small farm in the middle of a very severe drought. My Dams are bone dry and my water tanks are very low….we need rain so badly but I still look for the good things. The plants that struggle to grow, the few drops of rain that we may get….it is not enough to register in my rain gauge gut I am grateful anyway .
I can wish for rain but that won’t bring it to me so I am grateful for the good things I see because worrying won’t bring rain either.
We just have to work with what we have at the present time and concentrate on that.
Mindfulness gives you an inner peace that calms your whole body.You learn to deal with your thoughts …good or bad by going within, meditation or just find a quite place that you love.
I know many of these strategies help me and I am sure they can help you.
I have learned to listen to the problems of others….not talking…just listening , then when they have finished talking about their problem helping them find the best strategy for them.
I will leave things at this for today and will be back soon….until then
I am Mindfully Yours. 1796587_663938213641775_1145686041_n

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