Times Are Changing

Over the past 2 years many things have changed in my life. A critically ill husband for a few months followed by the appearance of Covid 19 in the world. Add to that terrible bushfires for months on end, living in such dense smoke that permeated through my lungs making it so hard to breathe while waiting for the fire to break through the fence line with me ready to face it and fight it alone. I also had to put my writing on the back burner for such a long time.

Hubby continued on the sick list waiting for surgery on his left hand in March 2021 followed by most of the year needing physiotherapy. Adding to this after the fires ……the rains came, causing floods and devastation to local farmers in surrounding areas. Life carries on though as we country folk do…..some things that I could not do had to wait though….so grass grew long but winter slowed it down which was good …for me as a woman who had so much else to cope with in the house. Good friends kept us in firewood all winter so we were warm…..this was so much appreciated and I was so very grateful.

We were very lucky with Covid 19 here in the Regions with no cases in the 1st or second wave but the 3rd wave has seen cases and we had a month long lockdown. Now vaccinations are at full speed NSW and Victoria are fully open even with new cases every day. There is 90% full vaccination and 94% single vaccination in NSW so life is coming back to normal.

Sadly in other parts of the world people have not fared so well. We have had family sick with Covid and lost a very much loved family member in Wales.This has brought much sadness to many people and it reminds us that we must live for today because that is all we have.

Mindfulness has been important to me during this time as it makes coping with so many issues that compounded right through the past two years. They can’t be pushed aside because they were all important and required caring,patience,strength and love, so giving myself some ME time was so important. So many needed me to be mindful in my care of their feelings and sadness……..I also needed to be mindful in my self care…..life was not easy and I knew that. I am very grateful for the Lessons I learned during this time. Life is a continuing road of Lessons both good and bad, all of them teach us something.

The time I spent daily just giving myself time to rejuvenate was priceless and still is. So when you feel like you need a little stress relief from life….ME time is what you need meditate…..exercise…..go for a walk……read a book……..sit outside and watch the world go by or walk your dog and sit in the park. there are so any things you can do to give yourself the time you need and most of us need this DAILY!

Self love helps cope with some extremely hard moments so give yourself a break and give yourself some…. Believe in yourself….. You are Enough and Let Your Light Shine.

Take care until next time.

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