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This video was recorded 6 years ago when I was 66….I am now 72 years old and thriving.

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My name is Patricia Evans and I am 73 years young. For many years I wondered what my life could be like if my circumstances were different. It was not that I was unhappy with my upbringing because even though I was raised in a working class family where both my parents went out to work each day, the values that my parents taught me created the basis of the person that I grew up to be and still am today.
One major thing that I did learn even as a young child was that a team did not function well without a leader and input from the team as a whole.
As I raised my children I did what I could to instil the same values in them and taught them to care for their friends as well as others who were not so friendly towards them. As teams were comprised of many different personalities and could function well even with this …in fact it is an essential ingredient to be able to utilise different skills within a team.
It was not until I was in my 60’s that I really questioned the direction I really wanted to take in my life. Like many others of the time I had been involved in Amway for many years about 20 years prior where I found many friends and great teamwork. I remember that I had flourished and blossomed during this time as I grew into a very confident person with guidance from my mentors.
So as I thought back about that time and how happy I was back then I started to look at what there was that could emulate those times again. Times had changed though and everything was directed at the internet so that is where my search began.
My first venture was to become a distributor for Personal Development Company and what a great place this was to start the most amazing journey of my life as I made friends with complete strangers who wanted to help me and share my experience, as I grew and found my passion and purpose for life. This teamwork was so different to anything that I had experienced before and made me realise why I was here and how I could achieve what I knew all along but had not been able to see.
Since then and through many aspects of network marketing I have become more passionate about being a leader as I feel that leading others and encouraging them in turn to become leaders is the greatest gift that I can give.
To be able to guide, protect and direct others into safe options instead of “one night wonders” is something I pride myself in and has gained me the respect of many.
This journey is something that should not be taken alone and when others are mentored and guided by oneself it becomes a much happier place to be. Success is not for an individual ….it is meant to be shared, because the success of others ensures long lasting success for all, but then again if you concentrate on the journey the results will always take care of themselves.
My passion for mentoring others has driven my WHY as I continue to guide and see new vibrant young leaders emerge from insecure and inexperienced “newbie’s” to the Network Marketing scene.
It is driving me to new heights and excites me that I am building a great team and taking so many who have the same drive and passion as I have on this incredible journey……….WHY?
Because there is no i in team ……instead