My Hobbies

My Passion as you can see is porcelain doll making. I make the whole doll from the start by pouring liquid slip into the mold, drying , cleaning and firing  before I start to paint. Each layer of paint has to be fired before the next layer is put on. There can be up to ten layers of painting before a doll is finished. I then make the body, insert the eyes and assemble the doll before dressing her. For antique dolls. I also make the wigs out of mohair or Lincoln wool.

The antique reproduction doll on the left received “Best in Section ” at an international doll show in Melbourne.

The rules for painting and dressing antique reproduction doll differ greatly from modern dolls.

Antique dolls must be painted exactly as the original doll from a picture or a photo of it. The dressing has to be from the same period as the doll was made and be made of natural fibres only , including only cotton, silk lace.

All paperwork used to copy the doll must be submitted with the doll for the judging so it can be compared to the doll.

“Jess” She won a Modern Doll of the Show award.
Closeup of ” Jess”
“Peggy Sue” from The Terrible Two’s Series
” Sugar” from The Terrible Two’s” Series
” Tibby” from The Terrible Two’s Series, she is the size of a two year old child.
Toddler sized doll from the “Flossie” Series
Another size in the “Flossie” series
” Baby Flossie” from the ” Flossie” series
This one is not so happy!.
This Doll I called “Olivia” she was one of my first dolls and has hand painted eyes. She won so many awards in one show I went from Novice to Advanced category overnight.
This is an antique reproduction baby doll and a vinyl reproduction doll.The toy at the back is an antique cymbal clapping clown which was a childs toy.
The Two dolls on the left are modern dolls, the centre doll and the one sittting in the pram are antique reproductions. The pram is a genuine antique baby’s pram.
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